Hello Media was formed as an umbrella for Evan Aaronson's creative projects. For over 20 years, it has been dedicated to producing content that both enlightens and entertains. This means putting passion, integrity and a personal touch into each endeavor it takes on.


    The company got its name from the tried and true "Hello" phone greeting. Originally operating out of an apartment in West Los Angeles, Aaronson saved costs by using one phone line for both his business and personal life. This way, when he answered the phone, "Hello", it could work for either one.  


    The forumula worked, and the company has gone on to give its soulful signature to feature films, platinum selling music DVDs, online videos, entrepreneurial ventures and educational initiatives.  


    Evan Aaronson is a creative professional and educator known for capitalizing on trends before they hit the mainstream. Most recently, he’s been a trailblazer in the creator economy.


    Back in 2013, when few people knew what an influencer was, he founded Boomopolis, one of the first companies to specialize in influencer marketing. He quickly gained hundreds of brand clients (Fox, Universal, Pluto TV and more) and became one of the first to launch influencer campaigns on platforms like Snapchat, Vine and Tiktok (who later became a client themselves.) Through this process, he worked with over 700 influencers and provided the first ever brand deals to many social megastars when they were just starting out (Liza Koshy, Jake Paul, Lele Pons, Cole LeBrant, Lankybox and Nicole Laeno to name a few). His network of 700 million+ users ranged in targeted demographics from sports to beauty to family to technology. He even managed some of the influencers and handled their TV, music, merchandising and licensing deals. After a successful 7 year run, Boomopolis was acquired by a larger ad agency in 2021.


    Prior to Boomopolis, Aaronson was one of the early pioneers in online video content, reality TV and music documentaries- earning one of the first platinum records for a DVD as a video producer (Warner Bros – Maybe Memories– The Used). After attending UC Berkeley and graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, he began his career at a TV studio painting the names of sitcom stars on the parking lot curbstones. This led to various assistant type positions for directors like Quentin Tarantino and Peter Bogdanovich and for shows like Married with Children, Who’s the Boss and Blossom. He soon started writing screenplays, making corporate videos, editing actor reels for up and coming stars like Jane Lynch and producing/directing reality TV (The Bachelor, Monster Garage, Wedding Story).


    For his directing debut, Aaronson’s independent feature, Nothing was one of the first mockumentaries to be distributed nationally and became one of the first long form vlogs (before the term existed). Not only did it earn him positive reviews from Roger Ebert and AOL, but it quickly became an underground favorite. In an effort to marry independent films with brands, he used his next 35mm feature, Baggage (starring Mariette Hartley and Vincent Schiavelli) to create Chicken Soup for the Soul home video.


    As video was coming online, he made a viral video for a site called iFilm and was then hired to write, direct and star in a web series for one of the early dot coms (years before YouTube was created.) This inspired him to launch various digital properties of his own over the next 20 years. WebShowCentral (video directory), MealsWithMentors (mentor matching), CreativeOutpost (precursor to Etsy), FixUp (video calling for home repair - interim CEO), and Vidibility (a social media content studio). One of them, a wellness startup called Go Massage, was even acquired in 2011. Once called “The Starbucks of Massage” by Massage Magazine, it catered to numerous Fortune 500 clients like Microsoft, Disney, Facebook and Hilton Hotel. Through the site, he developed many breakthroughs like pay per lead and first come/first served appointment setting.


    Aaronson continues to consult with content creators and startups on a regular basis. Most recently, he was hired to develop MatchRight Advisors - a matchmaking service for wantrepreneurs and businesses. His projects have been written up in Variety, Los Angeles Business Journal, Business Rockstars, the Chicago Tribune, Tastytrade, San Francisco Weekly, TV.com, Virgin.com, SoCal Tech and other publications. (He was also one of the first white rappers, pre Vanilla Ice. His song was on a record w/ Christina Aguilera.)


    Aaronson has done public speaking and teaching engagements at USC School of Cinema Arts - Peter Stark Masters Program (Course: Digital Entertainment 2022), UCLA Extension, Digital Entertainment World, Digimarcon, Digital LA, Tavis Smiley Presents, Startup California, Silicon Beach Fest (moderating a panel with Rachel Hollis), Loyola Marymount, VSDA and other venues. Course topics include: Online Video, Producing, Directing, Screenwriting and Marketing.

  • Press / Articles

    SPEAKING: USC School of Cinema Arts - Peter Stark Masters Program 2022 (Digital Entertainment), Digimarcon, Digital Entertainment World, Startup California, Silicon Beach Fest, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Learning Annex, Tavis Smiley and VSDA.


    PRESS: LA Biz Journal, AOL, TV.com, CNET, Virgin, Variety, Citypaper, SF Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Channel 9, Outside Mag, Daily Candy, SocalTech, Tasty Trade, Digital LA, Digital Entertainment World Expo

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    MatchRight Website



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    Megastar Partners with Boomopolis

    PR - 2017

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    Something to Chew On - Meals with Mentors

    Los Angeles Business Journal - 2012


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    Meals with Mentors Connects People with Mentors

    SoCal Tech - 2012


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    IdeaMensch Interview

    SoCal Tech - 2012


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    FixUp - SoCal Tech

    Socal Tech - 2012


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    Go Massage Tax Relief

    Day Spa Magazine - 2008


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    Go Massage

    Outside Magazine - 2005


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    Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Video

    Variety - 2001


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    Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Video 2

    DVD Premieres - 2001



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    SF Weekly - Making of Baggage

    San Francisco Weekly - 1999


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    Baggage Website



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    Nothing - Virgin Megastore Interview

    Virgin - 1999


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    Film Reviews




    Award winning entertainment entrepreneur and educator with over 25 years of experience in film, TV and digital media. Known as an early pioneer in the creator economy. 

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    Boomopolis - Influencer Marketing

    Founder / President  2011 to 2021

    Created and managed one of the first influencer marketing companies in the world – leading the way for a burgeoning high growth industry to follow. Duties included writing detailed business proposals, developing strategies, handling operations and advertising, implementing innovative technology, providing customer relations, attending industry events and managing 3 full time employees along with many influencers.


    Provided the first ever brand deals to many social megastars when they were just starting out (Liza Koshy, Jake Paul, Lele Pons, Cole LeBrant, Lankybox and Nicole Laeno to name a few). Managed the career of a handful of influencers and oversaw their TV, music, merchandising, event and licensing deals (including Marlon Wayans’ Funniest Wins on TBS). Partnered with a toy company to create an influencer branded product.


    Led Boomopolis to become an outsourced content studio for businesses and agencies of all sizes by utilizing influencers and an own in-house team to create and distribute engaging branded content across social media. Through the network of influencers on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and You Tube, Boomopolis had access to over 700 million users in targeted demographics ranging from sports to beauty to family to technology.


    Clients ranged from TikTok to HP to Verizon to Macys to Universal Pictures to Burger King in categories such as food/beverage, entertainment, technology, national retailers and numerous mobile apps. Worked with over 700 influencers on over 500 campaigns. Resulted in hundreds of happy clients who have repeatedly used the services on multiple platforms.


    Brands Worked With: Food/Beverage (Klondike, Coke, Pepsi, Milky Way, Sprite, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Ritz, Orbit Gum, Stride Gum, Airheads), Restaurants (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Pollo Loco, Burger King, Wendys, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean), Entertainment (Music Choice, MTV, Lifetime, TBS, NBC, Warner Bros, Hulu, Amazon, Paramount, Universal, Sony, Fox, Lionsgate, Pluto TV, Triller), Major Retailers (Dick’s Sporting Goods, Aeropostale, Macys, Ikea), Other (Toyota, Diginity Health, Ram Trucks, AT&T, Verizon, Intel, Degree Women, Sonicare, Spotify, Lyft) plus many more brands and over 100 apps.


    Samples of Our Work: http://youtube.com/boomopolis


    Created the materials to successfully sell the company to a larger ad agency in 2021.

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    Sky High Consulting

    CONSULTING - 2020 – Present

    -Advisory Board Member - Design Thinking Executive Program at University of California, Riverside - 2022

    -Consult with content creators and startups on a regular basis. 2021/2022 clients include:

    MatchRight Advisors – helped launch a matchmaking service for wantrepreneurs and businesses. Ran a pilot program with 5 participants over a 6 week period.

    Franchise Growth Partners – worked closely with new entrepreneurs seeking to franchise their business

    MoreInfluence – advised the company who purchased Boomopolis.

    TEACHING - 2001 – 2022

    -U.S.C - School of Cinema Arts - Peter Stark Masters Program - Digital Entertainment Course (2022)

    Booked and moderated numerous guest speaker panels including: Rob Randall (YapTV), The MacFarlands, Patrick Reese (Cocomelon), Adam Wescott (Creator+), Loren Ruch (HGTV), Ben Grubbs (Next 10 Ventures), Lauren Schnipper (JellySmack), Max Levine (Brent Rivera), Will Malnati (At Will Studios), Mike Abendt, Marcie Cleary, Espree Devora, Ronald Young Jr. (HBO Docs Club), Neil Mandt, Phil Ranta (Wormhole Labs), Anthony Kelani (DNABlock), James Creech, Sarah Penna (Patreon), Jon Skogmo (Jukin Media), James DeJulio (Tongal), Jon Barnett (Pocket.Watch)

    -UCLA Extension – Demystifying the Screenplay and Introduction to Screenwriting (2001 and 2002)

    -Loyola Marymount Continuing Education – BusinessSkills for Creative People (2002)

    -The Learning Annex - Filmmaking for the Web (1999)

    -Other course topics include: Marketing and Starting a Business (2012 to 2015)

    SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - 2003 – 2016

    -Digimarcon NY and LA (2016)
    -Digital Entertainment World (2014 and 2016)
    -Digital LA (2014)
    -Startup California (2012)
    -Silicon Beach Fest moderating a panel with Rachel Hollis (2012)
    -Tavis Smiley’s Building Inroads Into Technology (2003)
    -Video Software Dealers’ Association – The Business of Filmmaking (2003)

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    Hello Media Productions

    President  Jun 1999 – Present 

    Develop, produce and market a number of projects for film, television, podcasts and the Internet. Hired writers and programmers, reviewed scripts, supervised staff, managed budgets, booked celebrities, wrote business plans, acquired finished product, initiated newsletters, developed partnerships with other high-profile companies and helped create successful brand recognition for numerous entertainment properties and small businesses. Highlights included the following projects:


    Music DVDS & Music Videos – Producer/Director - Warner Brother Records (Less Than Jake – Anthem and The Used – Maybe Memories which went gold and platinum - also included a 4 camera live concert shoot - 2003), Capitol Records (Kottonmouth Kings, Jimmy Eat World - 2002), Sarinjay Records (Bernadette Moley) – on camera host – 2003). Director of music videos for artists such as The Negro Problem.


    Feature Films - Brought the feature film, Baggage, from concept to execution. Produced the film, attached stars such as M. Emmet Walsh, Mariette Hartley, and Vincent Schiavelli, created the trailer and achieved international distribution. (2001) Produced the award winning 90 minute documentary, Nothing, which received national distribution and positive reviews from Roger Ebert, AOL Critics’ Choice, and Virgin Megastore. (1999)


    Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Video - Created a new label for the publishing giant, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Acquired feature films for this label to be distributed by Madacy Entertainment. (2003)


    Television Pilots - Wirebreak.com - Norman’s Johnson. These IFILM short films were an Internet hit, and a bidding war for the series quickly ensued. (1999)


    Corporate Videos - U.C.L.A, Dorland Artists Colony, Duke of Whirl (Award Winning) and many more.


    Digital Properties - Creator of WebShowCentral (video directory), MealsWithMentors (mentor matching), CreativeOutpost (precursor to Etsy), Vidibility (social media studio) and GoMassage  (online wellness directory) 2004 to 2011. Similar in concept to 1-800-Flowers or Open Table, the company allowed clients to book a massage with ease. It had 5 full time employees, over 5000 clients and 6000 massage providers. It was also first to market with pay per lead and first come, first served texting technology. Once called "The Starbucks of Massage" by Massage Magazine, the service was used by business travelers, hotel concierges, celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Verizon, Wells Fargo, General Motors, Nordstrom, Disney, Universal, Facebook, Paramount, Yahoo, Hilton and many more. It was successfully acquired in March of 2011.

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    FixUp & Face Experts (Part of an Incubator)

    Interim CEO / CoFounder – Feb 2013

    FixUp (tryfixup.com) is a mobile app which revolutionized the world of home and car repair. You could connect instantly to fixing experts using the video feature of your iPhone, and have them guide you through any repair. We officially launched at TechCrunch Disrupt on 9/11/12 in San Francisco and were at South by Southwest on 3/11/13. (FixUp is one of many verticals at Face Experts. It was incubated by Curious Minds.)

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    Various Production Companies

    Freelance Television Writer / Producer / Director 1996 – 2004

    Worked on a variety of television shows for ABC (The Bachelor, 2004), The Learning Channel (Wedding Story), the Travel Channel, The Fine Living Network, the WB Network, City Explorer TV and The Discovery Channel (Monster Garage, 2003) – directing one of the top rated episodes of the season.  

  • Honors & Awards

    Gold Record – Warner Brothers – The Used – Maybe Memories – 2003 (Producer/Director)

    Platinum Record – Warner Brothers – The Used – Maybe Memories – 2003 (Producer/Director)


    Additional Recognition: Featured in LA Business Journal, TV.com, CNET, Virgin, Variety, DVD Premieres, Citypaper, SF Weekly, Chicago Tribune, Channel 9, Outside Mag, Daily Candy, SocalTech, Tasty Trade, Idea Mensch / Go Massage Voted Top 10 Massage on Citysearch.


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    New York University - Tisch School of the Arts

    BFA  Film & Television 

    Activities: Attended 2 years at UC Berkeley and then transfered to NYU to graduate with BFA in Film & Television.

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    UC Berkeley

    Attended  General 




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    Greater Los Angeles Area